Q: Does the EFH adapter retain the factory water sensor?

A: Yes, the EFH adapter retains the factory water sensor with no modifications. (see how to video)

Q: Does the EFH adapter retain the factory fuel heater?

A: Yes, the EFH adapter retains the factory fuel heater with no modifications. (see how to video)

Q: With the EFH adapter will my vehicle retain the factory filter life monitor?

A: Yes, the EFH adapter retains the factory upper housing that contains the flow sensor, fuel heater and water sensor.

Q: What is the return on investment with the EFH adapter?

A: A factory Delco filter is approx. $58 and GM dealers typically charge an hour labor to change the factory filter at around $120/hour. The Cat 1R-0750 filter costs approximately $20 and can be changed with a strap wrench instead of a 36MM socket, which most home tool boxes do not have. The labor and filter costs are significantly less. Payback will vary depending on whether you would have performed the factory filter change yourself or not, but either way it is a relatively short time.

Q:  Is there any need to remove the factory housing or fuel lines to install the EFH adapter?

A: No, the only things that need to be removed are the factory lower bowl and filter and water sensor O-ring, all of which needs to be done every time a factory filter change is required. After the EFH adapter is installed it then becomes a spin off /spin on filter change. (see how to video)

Q: Can the factory filter be put back to stock form and the EFH adapter moved to a different truck if desired?

A: Yes, just make sure you keep the factory lower fuel bowl and O-ring.

Q: Are the Cat filter change intervals the same as the factory filter?

A: The Cat filter capacity is larger therefore increased intervals are noticed by observing the remaining filter life monitor.

Q: What material is the EFH filter adapter made from?

A: The EFH filter adapter is CNC machined from billet 6061 Aluminum then anodized to protect from corrosion and assembled with Viton O-rings for use with diesel fuel.

Q:  What comes with the EFH filter adapter kit?

A: The EFH filter adapter kit comes with the filter adapter, Cat 1R-0750 filter, assembly lube and detailed instructions complete with QR code link to YouTube installation video.

Q: Is the DM1R0750 filter adapter the only model/product EFH offers?

A: Currently the 2017 and up GM Duramax 2500-3500 model is the only adapter we offer, but we are looking into several other models. Please check back for added models. We also sell and ship Cat 1R-0750 filters by the case.

Q: Are EFH filter adapters made and shipped for the US?

A: Absolutely. EFH filter housings are entirely manufactured in and shipped from central Illinois. Order on-line now!